Isabella Russell, Brittani Jensen, Natalia Russell. | . We hope our story below is testament to the power of family, love and the invaluable lessons passed down through generations.


Passionate about spending quality time with my nieces Isabella, 12 years of age and Natalia 13, I believed the greatest gift I could give them was the knowledge and confidence to become entrepreneurs. Their eagerness to learn and be apart of making a difference stems from their passion for saving the
planet. Promoting the sustainability of nature and giving back to future generations is what we are all about. These ambitious desires kick started the
partnership together and the creation of EcoGlow Candles.

Although our goal is for profit, our first priority is our Tree Canada supporting partnership we are honored to have. A portion of every candle sold means a tree planted. The other priority is every moment spent on the business is invested in teachable moments for our future entrepreneurs. Showing and engaging youth how to start and run their own small business.

From sourcing eco-friendly materials to learning how to handcraft high quality candles in the most eco-friendly way. Both girls and the
group of youth around them are learning and EXCELLING at everything from financial skills, communication, sales, marketing, customer relations, teamwork, operations, time management, economics, inventory management etc. Best of all they are inspiring those around them about the importance of giving back.

The decision to start this journey/partnership together wasn't just about business; it was about instilling values, helping youth reach their highest potential, having fun, nurturing dreams, and caring for the planet. Through hard work, creativity, and love, Natalia, Isabella, and myself (Brittani) have shown that family, sustainability, and entrepreneurship can thrive together.