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Cactus Family Candle Bundle

Cactus Family Candle Bundle

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Family of three! Handcrafted, sustainable candles that bring a touch of the desert and alpine forest into your home. Our cactus-shaped candles are made of 100% from beeswax and comes specially packaged with a custom decor wood piece, wrapped in eco-friendly materials for an unboxing to be proud of. Its enchanting Alpine Eucalyptus scent creates a harmonious atmosphere that will transport you to a world of natural tranquility. 

 Large (Father) Weight: 135 g | Height: 8.5 cm | Width: 10 cm

Medium (Mother) Weight: 71 g | Height: 6 cm | Width: 6.5 cm 

Mini (Child) Weight: 42 g | Height: 4.5 cm | Width:  6 cm

* Please note, all candles are handmade and colour shade may vary slightly. 

* Please note the wood piece may vary slightly in size and are hand branded by us, therefore the level of appearance perfection wise, may vary.  

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